I must start by acknowledging that Apple, despite its flaws, is still one of my favorite companies on planet Earth, by far. My main computer is a MacBook Pro Retina laptop. Please remember this before you send me any potential hate mail.

Knowing is half the battle; I have taken the time and effort to create this blog in order to document my frustrations with what I think are terrible mistakes Apple makes (yes, it makes mistakes, we all do). I truly believe that by exposing those mistakes, we can all build a better Apple tomorrow (or even today!).

I want to invite you to participate as well. If you are frustrated with something Apple has done, and you can put it in writing without sounding accusative and unprofessional, please submit your piece for consideration and you could earn a spot on this blog as an author and critic.

Finally, as you comment on my posts, please keep it professional and polite. In other words, before you comment, please imagine if Tim Cook or Johny Ive were reading your comments while sitting in the same room with you. Let’s not do something embarrassing, shall we? 😉