Apple: From vision, innovation and idealism to pure greed

I’ve been an Apple fan for so many years. And throughout those years I owned a bunch of Apple hardware: From the Apple ][, to a bunch of Apple Newtons, to a bunch of Mac computers (servers, desktops and laptops). I even owned an iPod at some point. I also had iPhones all the way from the iPhone 3 to the iPhone 6. I’m stretching my iPhone 6 as long as I can, and later today I have an appointment to replace its battery for $29 so it can feel fast again. (Update: The battery replacement didn’t help the iPhone 6, it remained painfully slow. I ended up buying a new iPhone Xs).

The main reason I created this blog is that I care about Apple’s vision, and I felt it was important to criticize Apple, expose the various missteps, and hold Apple to a higher standard in general. I do not feel emotionally attached to any of the people currently at Apple, especially since Steve Jobs’ passing (R.I.P) and Steve Wozniak’s departure from Apple.

With those two Apple leaders gone, quality at Apple has been suffering greatly, and unfortunately with no sign of recovery. With every new generation of Apple products, I notice a trend where care and consideration are directed almost exclusively by greed, instead of care and consideration for the user. Even if care and consideration weren’t always driven by end user satisfaction, at the very least it felt like great care went into product design. It was the little things that Apple did with its products that sent the message that Apple cared, and that Apple could do it where so many other companies failed.

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