Cory Doctorow still hates the iPad

While I do think there is a niche for the mindless iPads, I still mostly agree with the spirit of this post:

Where my opinion differs is that, after all, hundreds of thousands of developers wrote some incredible apps for the iPad. A lot of those apps teach STEM to kids who are very young (and arguably younger than the kids who played with Apple ][e / ][c). I got my Apple ][e around age 11~12, but it wasn’t until I was 13~14 that I started opening it up and playing with the internal components.

Now my daughter who is 6 can practice visual coding on an iPad, which is something I wish I could do when I was her age.

She also plays with a Raspberry Pi based computer with Linux on it, and uses Scratch from MIT, and the awesome games on but there are edge cases on the Raspberry Pi that require intervention/help from a teacher.

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